kadyg (kadyg) wrote,

Sick call

So on the bus to school I got a rather startling and sad phone call from Bax telling me that he is not in fact better and is quite actively wishing for an end to the misery. So I came home for the evening. Which involved BART-bus-train-bus-ride from kind friends. (Thanks Don and Rachel! We owe you one.)

Bax is thankfully feeling somewhat better and has been prescribed an only clear foods diet for a couple days. So I made grown-up Jello, chicken stock - which he's been sipping on - and some consumme is doing it's thing right now.

My chef was very nice about the whole thing and since I told him I was going to be gone in person, he didn't mark me absent for the day. If everything continues to go well I'll be on the 6:35 train out of Auburn tomorrow morning and back in the city by 10:30ish.

And thanks for all the good wishes over on Bax's LJ. We're both getting verry tired of this.

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